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Wildlife Questions:

  • Can I see the Wildlife Center’s patients?

    Because the ultimate goal of our patients is to be released back into the wild, we work diligently to minimize human imprinting. We want the animals to remain as wild as possible, to have a successful release. The licensing and permits for wildlife patients is different than the licensing and permits granted for education ambassadors. Education ambassadors are allowed to be on display, in efforts to educate the public about wildlife.

  • Will you release an animal back to where it was found?

    NWC staff will consider an animal’s individual case and make this determination at the time of release. In each case, it is important that we know where the animal was found and what the circumstances of the injury were at its time of admittance. Sometimes it is in their best interest to release back into their own territory.

  • Can I keep the wildlife that I find?

    It is illegal to possess wildlife unless you have a permit or are a licensed wildlife rehabilitator. Almost all native and migratory birds, mammals and reptiles are protected by specific state and federal laws put in place to protect wildlife and ensure that wild animals receive appropriate, adequate, species-specific care when they are sick, injured or orphaned. The ultimate goal of wildlife rehabilitation is to release an animal back to the wild.


Organization Questions:

  • How is the Northwoods Wildlife Center funded?

    Northwoods Wildlife Center is a nonprofit organization that relies on the generous support of local individuals, families, businesses, and foundations who contribute in the form of memberships, private donations, grants, fundraising events, and foundation support. NWC does not receive state or federal funding for our services.

  • Can I walk around the grounds on my own?

    We offer public tours by reservation only. A tour guide will provide organization history, and detailed animal and species information throughout the tour.

  • Where do your animals come from?

    Our goal is to rescue, rehabilitate and release wildlife patients. We provide care for animals that are in need, whether they are orphaned, injured or displaced. The majority of our patients come from Oneida, Vilas, and Price county, however we often are able to receive animals from the northern third of Wisconsin.