Wildlife Rescue

Because a better future for wildlife is a better future for all of us, the Northwoods Wildlife Center strives to help injured and orphaned animals through rescue, rehabilitation, education and research.





For any wildlife-related questions please call us between 8 a.m.-7 p.m. at 

(715) 356-7400

If we are unavailable due to caring for the animals, please leave a voicemail and we will return your call.

What We Do

Northwoods Wildlife Center provides the wildlife of the Northwoods with rescue, rehabilitation, and release services, covering roughly 25% of the state. As one of the most established wildlife rehabilitation centers in Northern Wisconsin, we admit 600-700 animals a year in need of medical treatment and care. 

Our wildlife rehabilitators are licensed through the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and the United States Fish and Wildlife Service to provide professional care for over 100 species of Wisconsin wildlife.  As a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, we receive no government funding.  All funding is provided through our members, sponsorships, and generous donations made by the public.

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Rescue/Transport Drivers

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Latest Wildlife Rehabilitation Reports

Fledgling barred-owl

Helping Out a Fledgling Barred Owl

In mid-April, we received a call about a fledgling Barred Owl on the ground. With the parents still around, we asked the finder to leave him be for the day, hoping he would find his way back up the tree. Near dusk, the finder sent us some amusing pictures of the fledgling starting to climb back up the tree. With […]

twin orphaned fawns receiving care at the Northwoods Wildlife Center

First Fawns of the 2024 Baby Season

It is officially fawn season here at Northwoods Wildlife Center, as we admitted our first fawns of the year a little over a week ago. These two fawns were found by someone passing by, lying by their mother. The mother died after being hit by a car, so the finder called us, and we admitted them into our care. Upon […]

Common Redpoll

Wildlife Rehab Report for April 12, 2024

Orphaned Baby Squirrels These two baby squirrels were admitted to the Wildlife Center after construction workers noticed they had fallen out of a nest on their job site. They kept them in a safe place where they hoped the mom would find them. These squirrels fell out of the tree due to high winds, but the activity of the job […]

Goldfinch exam

Wildlife Rehabilitation Report for April 3, 2024

Wildlife Rehabilitation Report for April 3, 2024 Sickly Racoon This poor raccoon came in emaciated and riddled with parasites. Thankfully, he is responding to treatment well and is making a good recovery. It might be hard to tell from the grainy black and white picture, but he went from unable to move, to climbing around and getting his food from […]