Donate Stocks to Wildlife Rescue, Rehabilitation and Education

We invite you to harness the power of your financial portfolio for
a great cause: The Northwoods Wildlife Center.
The Northwoods Wildlife Center has been at the forefront of wildlife rescue, rehabilitation, and education
since 1979. Our mission is to provide a better future for wildlife, because a better future for wildlife is
a better future for us all. From the smallest songbirds to the most majestic predators, we are dedicated to
ensuring their survival and thriving in the face of modern challenges.

Making a stock donation to support to the Northwoods Wildlife
Center enables us to invest in training, medical equipment, repairs, upgrades and the many things it takes
to rescue, and rehabilitate sick, injured and orphaned wild animals. Donating stock is safe and fast with
our widget:

  1. Enter the ticker symbol and your gift amount.
  2. Type in your information. Then, add your broker’s information.
  3. Virtually sign and make your gift!

You will receive a tax receipt at the email address you provide.
Charitable donations of stock are processed safely by The Giving Block. Please note that all stock donations
are nonrefundable.