If You’ve Found a Deer Fawn You Believe is in Need of Assistance, Please Follow The Instructions Below

Deer Fawns 

It is common for a doe to leave her fawn in a place she believes is safe for extended periods of time (10+ hours). This prevents undue attention from predators and other possible dangers. It is not uncommon to find a young fawn by itself.

If you find a fawn curled up and that will not move when approached

  • This is normal behavior; the fawn should be left alone.
  • Leave the area for 8-10 hours to allow the doe to return.
  • If a doe has not returned, call NWC at (715) 356-7400 for further advice.  

sleeping fawn

Never offer any feed or milk/formula to a fawn. Young fawns have very sensitive digestive systems and require a specific formula. 

  • If fed the the wrong diet, it can cause severe digestive upset that can have a strong negative impact on the fawn’s health.

If you find a fawn in an unsafe area, such as a yard with pets, a high human/vehicle traffic area, or inside a fenced area. 

  • At times, a doe may leave her fawn in an unsafe area where intervention is needed
  • Please contact NWC at (715) 356-7400.

If you find a fawn along the roadway with no mother present 

  • You should monitor it as long as it is not left in the roadway.
  • The mother may have run off as vehicles approached and will return once you have left the area.
  • If the fawn is in the roadway, contact NWC at (715) 356-7400 for advice.

 If you find a fawn wandering about and calling for several hours without a reply, is sprawled out on its side, is surrounded by flies, has eyes that appear to be very cloudy, or a deceased doe is present

  • Please contact NWC immediately at (715) 356-7400

Adult Deer 

As a safety measure, NWC is not licensed to rehabilitate adult white-tailed deer, including yearlings that have recently lost their spots.

If you have found an injured or ill adult white-tailed deer

  • Please contact your local DNR office or game warden 

DNR Office

Game Warden

image of adult white tailed deer doe