Birding Throughout Wisconsin

My name is Ryan Giordanelli, and I arrived at the Northwoods Wildlife Center in early February to start an internship here. As my last week here begins, I was asked to write about my many adventures around the state. Last year, I started birding as a hobby after seeing a lot of awesome species during fieldwork in California. As my […]

Owl House Update

Thanks to everyone who has stuck with us while we figure out the best way to build the new owl house. Our biggest challenge in developing a plan for the Owl House has been balancing the needs and priorities of the Northwoods Wildlife Center with the need to ethically and responsibly manage donations people have already made toward the Owl […]

Wait! Don’t Cut That Tree!

It’s that time of year again when we are all itching to go outside and spruce up our yards. One project that usually begins in the spring is cutting down unwanted trees. However, while we are trying to make our yards more aesthetically pleasing, removing trees during the spring and summer months can be detrimental to wildlife. Baby season is […]