Welcome 2024 Summer Interns

Join us in welcoming our 2024 summer interns to the Northwoods Wildlife Center! We are excited to host a talented and diverse group of individuals from all over the country who will dedicate their summer to learning about wildlife rehabilitation and education. These interns will play a crucial role in our mission, helping to care for injured and orphaned animals […]

Trig’s Food and Drug

Thank you to Trig’s Food and Drug for the many ways they support our mission. Helping with food for our patients, supporting our Photo Gala, and letting us move building materials and equipment through their property, Trig’s Food and Drug is not only a good neighbor, but also a valued community partner. Thank you! If your business or organization is […]

Owl House Update

Thanks to everyone who has stuck with us while we figure out the best way to build the new owl house. Our biggest challenge in developing a plan for the Owl House has been balancing the needs and priorities of the Northwoods Wildlife Center with the need to ethically and responsibly manage donations people have already made toward the Owl […]

The Nature of Nature Book Review

The Nature of Nature opens with a fascinating discussion of Biosphere 2, a groundbreaking experiment that sought to replicate Earth’s ecosystems within a closed environment. Sala uses this intriguing case study to illustrate how the project revealed our limited understanding of the complexities of natural systems and the challenges of sustaining them in isolation. This first chapter serves as a […]

2024 Photo Gala Winners

Photo of the Year “Curious Ermine” by Rebecca Noeldner   North American Wildlife – People’s Choice Awards 1st Place: “Wolf Love” by Stephen Bensing 2nd Place: “Snowy Eagle” by Philip Wolbrink 3rd Place: “Regal Cedar Wax Wing” by Regal Cedar Wax Wing by Therese Sgarlata-Lutz Naturescapes – People’s Choice Awards 1st Place: “Perfect Fall Day” by Nancy Schuller 2nd Place: […]

Thank You, Our Supporters

We didn’t get this message out for Thanksgiving, but it’s never too late to say thank you! Especially since your support helped us turn 2023 into a success! So thank you to the best supporters a non-profit organization could hope for! Whether it was snow and ice damage, infectious disease, or a fundraising drought, 2023 threw a few challenges at […]